Garden Bioblitz 2013

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The Garden Bioblitz is a great way of discovering your garden from a new angle. It’s a lovely way to get up close and personal and see how many creatures we unknowingly share the garden with. I’ve tried to create a wildlife friendly garden, packed full of nectar rich perennials with an emphasis of increasing … Continue reading

Landowners and Wildlife

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A few weeks ago, I spent a lovely couple of hours walking part of a 100 acre farm owned by Jef Bell and Linda Rogers. I was particularly interested in meeting with them as they have practised non intensive, chemical-free land management on the site for the last 19 years. As we walked around on … Continue reading

Wildflower Meadow Progress

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Back in April we sowed our first wildflower meadow with an annual and perennial mix of British cornflowers and wildflowers. And then we waited…………. And we waited…….. And we waited….. Unfortunately the summer barely arrived and as we have all been witness to, the rain fell and fell – as did the temperature. So it … Continue reading

Our first wild flower meadow

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This weekend, The Meadow Project celebrated the planting of it’s first wild flower meadow. On a bitterly cold day, with moments of crystal clear skies and dazzling sunshine, local residents gathered to exchange ideas, plant knowledge and gardening tips and to help with the sowing of British wild flower seeds on a newly prepared bed. … Continue reading

Spring Butterflies by David Dennis, Butterfly Conservation

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This is a great time to look for butterflies – after a cold winter when we’re all a bit short of sunshine. By April, two groups of butterflies are on the wing – firstly those that have survived the winter tucked away in deep foliage, holes in trees or your garden shed, and then there are those … Continue reading

Make a difference in your garden or on your land.

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There are so many ways that we, the gardener or land owner, can help to increase our wild life friendly habitats. But, of course, all of our situations are different and we don’t always have the time to trawl the internet and bookshops to find the advice we need. So whether you have a small, … Continue reading