Community Groups Greening up Chesham

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In 1257 Henry III granted the town of Chesham a royal charter to hold a weekly market. Today Chesham is still known as a market town and holds 3 regular markets as well as occasional specialist markets along its high street. It is also home to a quiet revolution of community spirit greening up its … Continue reading

Chimney Meadows & Meadow Farm

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A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with Louise King, Estate Manager of Chimney Meadows and Lisa Lane, Upper Thames Living Landscape Manager for Berks, Bucks and Oxen Wildlife Trust (BBOWT). I was interested in talking to them about their work at Chimney Meadows, a former 250 hectare farm which BBOWT … Continue reading

Local gardeners helping wildlife

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At a time when the latest UK research indicates a 60% decline in studied wildlife species there is an urgent need for us all to get involved and help in some way. Many garden favourites are among the creatures shown to be in serious trouble such as starlings, toads, hedgehogs, some butterflies and ladybirds. There … Continue reading

Garden Bioblitz 2013

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The Garden Bioblitz is a great way of discovering your garden from a new angle. It’s a lovely way to get up close and personal and see how many creatures we unknowingly share the garden with. I’ve tried to create a wildlife friendly garden, packed full of nectar rich perennials with an emphasis of increasing … Continue reading

Serial Killer Plants

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No matter what the weather’s doing, potting up plants and sowing seeds marks the start of Spring for me. I love the whole procedure of sorting out the seeds I’m going to sow, and organising and re potting my small plants to larger pots. It’s a simple joy. But things just got a whole lot … Continue reading

Our Wildlife Gardeners

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It may seem like winter is going on and on and on but even as our native birds struggle to survive it is via our gardens that many stand their best chance of making it through to spring and summer. Fortunately there is a growing community of wild life aware gardeners across the country and … Continue reading

Mini Meadows

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As I write this it seems that these cold days and nights will never end but of course they will. As Spring buds and bulbs start to push their way through, it’s good to remember how glorious Summer can be. With a little planning now you could have your own mini-meadow buzzing with life, colour … Continue reading

Landowners and Wildlife

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A few weeks ago, I spent a lovely couple of hours walking part of a 100 acre farm owned by Jef Bell and Linda Rogers. I was particularly interested in meeting with them as they have practised non intensive, chemical-free land management on the site for the last 19 years. As we walked around on … Continue reading

Wildflower Meadow Progress

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Back in April we sowed our first wildflower meadow with an annual and perennial mix of British cornflowers and wildflowers. And then we waited…………. And we waited…….. And we waited….. Unfortunately the summer barely arrived and as we have all been witness to, the rain fell and fell – as did the temperature. So it … Continue reading

How to create a wildlife friendly garden

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How you can help wildlife in your garden to flourish For the last 5 years I have tried to create a wildlife friendly garden that encourages as many insects, butterflies, bees, dragonflies and birds as possible. This means that I practice organic gardening, with the vegetables, fruit and plants that are grown and I have incorporated a … Continue reading

Your roadside verges

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All day I’ve read complaints on Twitter from people dismayed about their local roadside verges being mown to within an inch of their life, just as they are in full bloom with wild flowers and bluebells. So I decided to speak to my local District Council to ask them what their policy was. In some … Continue reading