Hazeldene Farm – small hold farming

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I recently visited a small holding which specialises in rare breeds, as part of my research into  the practicalities of integrating wildlife friendly practices in modern farming. Hazeldene Farm is situated in the picturesque valley of Asheridge Vale in the Chilterns AONB. The Chilterns are renowned for their grass chalk lands, chalk streams, ancient woodlands and  commons. … Continue reading

Green roofs

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I recently attended a course for green roof construction at The Gardening Academy at Lamport  Hall. The course was run by green roof gurus Dusty Gedge and John Little who have been designing and constructing green roofs since the mid nineties. Dusty recently presented WWFs challenge to create a Rooftop Rainforest on Sky TV and … Continue reading

Our Wildlife Gardeners

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It may seem like winter is going on and on and on but even as our native birds struggle to survive it is via our gardens that many stand their best chance of making it through to spring and summer. Fortunately there is a growing community of wild life aware gardeners across the country and … Continue reading

Make a difference in your garden

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It’s always inspiring to hear about other people’s efforts to help our wildlife and it’s good to remember that however small your garden or outdoor space is it’s possible to make a difference in your garden and help create great wildlife habitat. Ryan Clark is in the process of transforming his family garden into a … Continue reading

Wildflower Meadow Progress

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Back in April we sowed our first wildflower meadow with an annual and perennial mix of British cornflowers and wildflowers. And then we waited…………. And we waited…….. And we waited….. Unfortunately the summer barely arrived and as we have all been witness to, the rain fell and fell – as did the temperature. So it … Continue reading

Our first wild flower meadow

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This weekend, The Meadow Project celebrated the planting of it’s first wild flower meadow. On a bitterly cold day, with moments of crystal clear skies and dazzling sunshine, local residents gathered to exchange ideas, plant knowledge and gardening tips and to help with the sowing of British wild flower seeds on a newly prepared bed. … Continue reading

Spring Butterflies by David Dennis, Butterfly Conservation

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This is a great time to look for butterflies – after a cold winter when we’re all a bit short of sunshine. By April, two groups of butterflies are on the wing – firstly those that have survived the winter tucked away in deep foliage, holes in trees or your garden shed, and then there are those … Continue reading

Plant list of our Common survey 2007/2008

For those of you that really like the fine detail here’s an updated list of the flowering plants found on our common by Linda Wordsworth in 2007/8. Annuals & Perennials 1 Achilea millefolium – Yarrow 2 Aegopodium podograria – Ground elder 3 Alliaria petiolata – Garlic Mustard 4 Allium vineale – Crow garlic 5 Aquilegia … Continue reading

Britain in Bloom

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I’ve just received the cornfield annual mix of seeds for the Britain in Bloom event ‘Wild about Wildflowers 2012’ The seeds have been sourced from the environment charity Landlife and include Corncockle, Cornflower, Corn Marigold, Corn Poppy and Corn Chamomile. The site’s chosen although it still needs to be prepared but fingers crossed all should … Continue reading

Just a bit of grass……………….

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I recently received a plant list from Linda Wordsworth who had undertaken a plant survey of our local common in 2007/8. Our local common looks for most of the year (to the untrained eye) like a standard expanse of mowed grass. Linda spent much of her time as a child documenting plants around the edges … Continue reading