Ashridge Estate & Aldbury Nowers

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Last week I retraced the route of a competition run I took part in last year. Back in October I battled my way through the 9.7 mile Ridgeway Run and one thing that spurred me on was the unexpectedly glorious scenery midway through the route. I now know that this part of the run went through the Ashridge … Continue reading

Our Wildlife Gardeners

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It may seem like winter is going on and on and on but even as our native birds struggle to survive it is via our gardens that many stand their best chance of making it through to spring and summer. Fortunately there is a growing community of wild life aware gardeners across the country and … Continue reading

Make a difference in your garden

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It’s always inspiring to hear about other people’s efforts to help our wildlife and it’s good to remember that however small your garden or outdoor space is it’s possible to make a difference in your garden and help create great wildlife habitat. Ryan Clark is in the process of transforming his family garden into a … Continue reading