The Meadow Project aims to encourage the planting of wild flower meadows across the UK. The Meadow Project believes that where ever you live you should have free access to the joys of a wild flower meadow, and in addition our pollinating bees, butterflies and hover flies should have free access to the nectar rich plants that they desperately need.

This can be achieved by transforming our roadside verges, green public spaces, public parks and gardens into wild flower meadows of all shapes and sizes. The area does not need to be large but current research suggests edges between different environments are beneficial to wildlife. This means that our parks can still have neat mown grass areas, but if we leave edges around these areas and sow British wildflower seeds to encourage a diversity of nectar rich plants, our public spaces can provide a stunning display of meadow land for everyone to enjoy and also help our wildlife.

So whenever you see a piece of mown grass think, could that be left unmown and sown with wild flower seeds? When you see a bedding display in your local park, full of sterile pansies devoid of nectar and pollen, think why is that not full of British wild flowers?  Take a look at your own garden, do you have sterile bedding plants and can you make space for a nectar rich wild flower area? It will help however small.

If we change the way we approach planting in our public spaces and gardens we can benefit our local areas and help our pollinating insects.

Did you know it costs your council less to create wild flower areas and meadows than it does to maintain vast areas of  bedding plants and areas of mown grass sprayed with weed killers and pesticides. Your taxes pay for this work so tell them how to use your money wisely and make a difference to your local area by increasing our wild flower meadows across the UK.


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