Mini Meadows

Colletes sp

Colletes sp. Photo J V Adams

As I write this it seems that these cold days and nights will never end but of course they will. As Spring buds and bulbs start to push their way through, it’s good to remember how glorious Summer can be. With a little planning now you could have your own mini-meadow buzzing with life, colour and activity whether the summer is hot, mild or plain dull.  If you’ve never considered converting part of your garden, allotment or land to a mini meadow take a look at my easy “How, When, Where” guide on planting a meadow and give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.

Mini Meadow by JV Adams

Mini Meadow, Corfe Mullen Dorset. Photo by J V Adams.

If you don’t have access to a garden think about asking your council to allocate an area in your local park for meadow creation, then everyone in your community can enjoy it.

anthidium manicatum male

Anthidium manicatum male. Photo by J V Adams

More councils are starting to look at public green spaces in a new light and realise the benefit that a wild flower area or mini meadow can bring to the local community and local wild flora and fauna. Make sure your council is part of this inspiring movement and if they are not ask them to explain why. Once established a wild flower meadow is cheaper for your council to maintain than mown grass, so make sure  they are not wasting your taxes.

Meadow brown. Photo by J V Adams

Meadow brown.
Photo by J V Adams

Gardeners are also increasingly aware that their garden can play an important role in sustaining and improving wildlife habitat. So when I put a shout out to my lovely Twitter followers for photos of their wild life friendly efforts I just had to include this lovely collection of photos of a mini meadow in the garden of  J V Adams in Corfe Mullen, Dorset. Take a look at  J V Adams blog  and find out why it’s so important to protect our diminishing wild life habitats.

Better still get involved in the Garden Bioblitz and record the wildlife that’s in your garden.

Let the Wild Flower Revolution begin!

Anthidium manicatum male

Anthidium manicatum male


7 responses

  1. What a lovely blog post – I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into my wildlife gardening as soon as the weather gets a wee bit warmer, and aiming for a high number of species on the Garden Bioblitz (fingers crossed). Thanks for using my photos! x

    • If you do manage to add the link to the post above, I’ll be able to promote your blog on the Garden Bioblitz website. Hope you aren’t suffering with this cold weather too much – hardly anything moving in my garden right now!

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