Make a difference in your garden or on your land.

Under Crab Apple Tree (Photo: Linda Wordsworth)

There are so many ways that we, the gardener or land owner, can help to increase our wild life friendly habitats. But, of course, all of our situations are different and we don’t always have the time to trawl the internet and bookshops to find the advice we need.

So whether you have a small, medium or large garden or a country, town or city garden. Or whether you’re a land owner, farmer or business this will hopefully be a useful starting point to making a difference and being part of the Wild Flower Revolution.

I’ve compiled this page of links to websites with great information and practical advice to help you achieve your goal. I will add further links as I come across them and welcome your comments and link recommendations. Just click on any of the descriptions below that you are interested in to go straight the relevant website page.

Why attract pollinating insects? How to attract pollinating insects, and some interesting facts about pollinating insects from the RHS.

Urban greening – growing plants wherever possible in towns and cities. Advice from RHS

Comprehensive list of pollinating plants for a wildlife friendly garden from the RHS.

Gardening to attract butterflies and moths; what plants to choose and where to plant them by Butterfly Conservation.

Recommended plants for bees from RHS

Find out more about how you can help bees from British Beekeepers Association.

List of shrubs for bees from The British Beekeepers Association.

List of trees for bees from The British Beekeepers Association.

Useful information on wasps and bees – How to identify them and how they live in your garden from The British Beekeepers Association.

Own or manage a Golf Course? Then here’s how to make it wildlife friendly. Advice by Linda Laxton, owner of British Wild Flower Plants

Managing habitat for landowners and farmers. Help and advice from Butterfly Conservation

Are you a landowner, farmer or business? How you can help by working in harmony with Wildlife Trusts.

Living landscapes, what they are and how you can help information from Wildlife Trusts


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    • Glad you like it Finn. Anything that makes it easier for people seems a good idea. If you have any suitable links for me to consider feel free to send them via the comment box. Regards Michelle.

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