Spring wild flowers on Guernsey

Congratulations Guernsey! I’m currently enjoying lovely coastal walks where spring wild flowers are in abundance. Haven’t had time to identify most of what I’ve photographed but I can tell you that there is wild garlic, bluebells, celandine, gorse, primroses, phlox and violets amongst many others. Take a look at the photos and feel free to post a comment or identify the flowers.

Coastal wild flowers on Guernsey coastal path (Photo: Meadow Project)

Apparently 10 square metres in England supports on average approximately 400 species of plants (including flowering, non flowering and grasses). However, in Guernsey the same space of land will support up to 1400 plant species and Guernsey has more rare ferns than anywhere else in the British Isles. Admittedly, the Island does have a unique geographical advantage with mild climates and a crossover of plants from the UK and France and mainland Europe. And unfortunately, most of Guernsey has lost this natural resource due to urbanisation and housing density. But the areas that still exist are well worth a visit. Head to the southern part of the Island to the coastal walks and rural areas and enjoy this natural asset for free.

Just goes to show if you nurture your natural wild spaces and protect them from pesticides, fertilisers and chemicals Mother Nature will do the rest and create a perfect haven for our pollinating plants. Contact your local council, government or parish and ask them what they are doing to protect or enrich the green spaces in your area before it’s too late.

All photos were taken in Guernsey on the coastal path walks in April 2012 by Meadow Project.

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  1. can anyone identify a strange plant I saw somewhere near the sea on Guernsey? It had 5 white petals (probably not joined) which each had a purple tinged base. The stems were very hairy. I think the hairs were glandular and felt sticky. I can send a jpg image of it. It was seen late June 2013.

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