Why Plant a Meadow?

There is nothing more beautiful than a natural meadow alive with the buzzing, humming sound of busy bees and pretty butterflies and moths. In a relatively small space you’ll find a huge variety of insects feeding off the nectar that a wild flower meadow provides as part of our natural eco system.  And it really is something that all of us should have access too whether it be in a public space or our own gardens.

Wild flower meadows could easily become as common as the bedding plants that local councils and gardeners have

Bee on Creeping Thistle (Photo: Meadow Project)

become obsessed with since the 50’s. Bedding plants do nothing for our bees and butterflies as they offer little or no nectar. If you don’t believe me, stand for a few minutes by a planted bed and note how few bees and butterflies you’ll see. In comparison if you’re ever fortunate enough to experience a walk through a wild flower meadow then you’ll be surrounded by bees, butterflies and moths and their incessant hum. If we can provide areas of nectar rich wild flowers, our insects will reward us by pollinating our trees, gardens and food plants. In addition the birds get rewarded by an increased food source and so produce more chicks, and so the ecosystem continues it’s natural journey along the food chain. By planting wild flower meadows, however small, we can all benefit and also get to enjoy their beauty too.

Email your local council and ask them to stop mowing all the grass verges in your area. Ask them to leave an unmown edge around the public parks and green spaces in your local town, ask your school to do the same around your playing fields (if you’re still lucky enough to have a school with a playing field) and put aside an area in your own garden and start replacing those horrid sterile bedding plants with some lovely nectar rich British wild flowers.

The meadow project will hopefully inspire you to turn a small piece of land into a wild flower meadow, and if enough people do the same in a very short time we can start to reverse the devastating effects that our environmental policies have had on our wildlife and natural resources. Follow this blog and I’ll provide you will all the information on how to create and maintain a wild flower area in your garden. Feel free to share this with others by using the link below and let the WILD FLOWER  REVOLUTION begin!


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